Full Sail Youth Teambuilding & Leadership Programs

Our Full Sail youth programs provide half- and full-day youth leadership and teambuilding experiences conducted both underway and ashore.

Goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing a day-long onboard and onshore day of youth leadership and team development.
  • Using the experience of learning to sail as a metaphor for what’s possible in life.
  • Engaging in conversation and reflection about what this experience means personally and to the group.
  • Learning that success requires that everyone step into leadership at certain times.
  • Offering opportunities for potential community service.
  • Utilizing pre- and post-program surveys to assess the program’s effectiveness. 
“Our Scouts vary in age from 11-18, and Sail Pepin’s instruction is very effective with this entire range. We have been sailing with them for over 10 years and our boys never fail to return to the dock with confidence and a wide grin.”
- BSA Troop 66

-Program Overview-

We guarantee that your kids will learn to sail our 31-foot yacht in first 1-2 hours.  Both half-day and day programs include a race to demonstrate sailing skills and team dynamics, and conclude with fun sailing combined with an onboard conversation about your team’s performance and potential.  We also provide a follow-up assessment of insights and recommendations.
  • The sailing establishes rapport and confidence, and opens the door to conversations about greater possibilities in life.
  • The onshore discussion and reflection further focuses possibilities and commitments, and ensures that the day’s experiences are successfully transferred to daily life.
  • Community service projects are often included with these experiences.
  • Pre- and post-program surveys are conducted whenever possible.
“We found Sail Pepin’s instructors to be professional, attentive and generous. They were able to seamlessly integrate their program with the structure and goals of our youth leadership development team. We look forward to working with them in the future.”
- YMCA Camp St. Croix
Clients include:
  • Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
  • Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center
  • People of Praise
  • Project FINE
  • Winona County Restorative Justice
  • YMCA Camp Pepin
  • YMCA Camp St. Croix
  • Youth Build/Workforce Development Inc.


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