Full Sail Youth Team Programs


Our Full Sail youth programs provide half- and full-day youth leadership and teambuilding experiences conducted both underway and ashore.


Goals include, but are not limited to:


  • Providing a day-long onboard and onshore day of youth leadership and team development.
  • Using the experience of learning to sail as a metaphor for what’s possible in life.
  • Engaging in conversation and reflection about what this experience means personally and to the group.
  • Learning that success requires that everyone step into leadership at certain times.
  • Offering opportunities for potential community service.
  • Utilizing pre- and post-program surveys to assess the program’s effectiveness.


-Program Overview-


  • We guarantee that your kids will learn to sail our 31-foot yacht in first 1-2 hours.  The final 1-2 hours will include a race to demonstrate sailing skills and team dynamics, and concludes with fun sailing combined with an onboard conversation about your team’s performance and potential.  We also provide a follow-up assessment of insights and recommendations.

  • The sailing establishes rapport and confidence, and opens the door to conversations about greater possibilities in life.

  • The onshore discussion and reflection further focuses possibilities and commitments, and ensures that the day’s experiences are successfully transferred to daily life.

  • Community service projects are often included with these experiences.

  • Pre- and post-program surveys are conducted whenever possible.


Clients include:


  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • People of Praise
  • Project FINE
  • Winona County Restorative Justice
  • YMCA Camp Pepin
  • Youth Build/Workforce Development Inc.