Clear Sky Sailing

Teambuilding through Corporate Sailing on Lake Pepin

Voyaging under sail cannot be done without solid leadership and teamwork. Sound like your organization?

Our On-Deck corporate programs are custom-designed to meet the unique needs of your team.

Imagine your staff becoming the effective team you know they must be in order to thrive in today's demanding marketplace.

Imagine leadership, teambuilding and other experiential exercises that work, and not just offer a day out of the office.

Imagine it all happening in a powerful half- or full-day session from the deck of a well-appointed sailing yachts.
"You did an exceptional job of educating, engaging and reinforcing the messages of the day.  Positive, supportive, empathetic and caring are the evident characteristics of your coaching styles." 
- Headwaters Leadership Group

You'll be at the helm in half an hour.

All On-Deck programs include an on-shore orientation and safety session followed by on-the-water instruction.  Less than 30 minutes outside of the marina, your crew will be working together, learning to sail to a specific destination.  Positions are constantly rotated so everyone will serve as both captain and crew.

Learn To Weather Shifting Marketplace Winds and Stay On Course

On-Deck programs are designed to provide experiences that transfer directly to your office, the field, and your clients. A selection includes:
"I am consistently using the metaphors of the day, and those images are driving the process to properly define our customer base. This is clearly the best experiential program I've encountered." 
- Cargill Corporation

Our Commitment to Your Crew:

  • Physical/Emotional Safety - All participants receive safety training and gear. No one is “put down” or judged on their abilities.
  • Ethical - All crew can participate fully, partially or purely as an observer. No one is ever expected to go beyond their comfort level.
  • Professional - All practitioner/client information is confidential unless approved for release by the client.
  • Customized - We will design a program to fit your objectives, not the other way around.
  • Flexible - Like the wind, we will shift from addressing pre-determined issues to those that arise underway.
  • Educational - We can provide a trainer-led debriefing session that includes review/recall, affect/ effect, summation, application and commitment.
  • Effective - We succeed only by our results, and offer references at your request.
  • Objective - We offer initial and follow-up sessions in order to provide the best possible measurement of the experience.
  • Fun - Sailing is a joy, and we are passionate about its beauty and lessons. Our experience has shown that this is transferred to our clients.

A group practicing leadership skills on a sailboat in Lake Pepin
On-Deck clients are: 
  • Expanding
  • Downsizing
  • Merging
  • Re-engineering

On-Deck programs focus on:
  • Teambuilding & Leadership
  • Executive & Staff Development
  • Change Management
    Vision/Mission/Strategic Planning

We serve:
  • Major corporations
  • Closely held firms
  • Small businesses
  • Educational institutions
  • Non-profit organizations

Clients include:
  • 3M
  • Andersen Windows
  • Cargill
  • IBM
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Red Wing Shoe Company
  • St. Olaf College
  • Verizon
  • Winona State University

"On-Deck's teambuilding program played a key role in helping us re-structure our MIS department into two higher-functioning groups."  - Mayo Clinic

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